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Open Minds Fusion Studio

515 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN, 55408, USA
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Open Minds Fusion Studio is a locally owned yoga, aerial, fitness and wellness community of open minded, body positive, and connected humans. We find flow in yoga, movement, dance and aerial arts. We pride ourselves in being welcoming to all kinds of sentient beings. We are not your typical yoga studio. We are unique, raw and real. Together find our strengths, and evolve as ripely unique beings, bringing our gifts the whole. It’s all about skill sharing here and betterment of our minds, bodies and spirit.

We are two teachers: SOMA B. (male) and SUNSA K. (female). Sometimes we co-teach. Sometimes only one of us will lead the class. We are the yin & yang, the male & female aspects of creation, life and yoga. Soma means “Moon Nectar” in sanskrit and Sunsa was nicknamed by her mother as “Sunshina” since childhood. Often, mythologically and symbolically, Man is linked to the Sun and Woman is linked to the Moon and all her cycles.. but here in SomaSunsa Nude Yoga, we like to turn things upside down to be re-examined, including something while doing headstands in class 😉

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