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This 30-minute beginner yoga flow is a slow and steady breakdown of beginner poses and feel-good stretches to ease you into the practice. This beginner yoga class is perfect for those new to yoga and also a great refresher for any level practitioner. Work with props and learn a breakdown of basic poses so you […]

Everyone, everywhere talks about doing yoga early in the morning. “Get up earlier and start with the sunrise.” “Boost your productivity!” “Set the tone for your day!” How many times have we all heard this? And while it IS true that a morning practice can be an invigorating and inspiring way to start the day, […]

No time to meditate? Dr. Tiffany Lester of Parsley Health offers peace-producing solution you can practice wherever you are—no meditation cushion or timer needed. One day on my usual subway commute to work I noticed this older Indian woman. She stood out among the rush hour throng of people because she had the most peaceful, […]