Everyone, everywhere talks about doing yoga early in the morning. “Get up earlier and start with the sunrise.” “Boost your productivity!” “Set the tone for your day!” How many times have we all heard this? And while it IS true that a morning practice can be an invigorating and inspiring way to start the day, […]

What comes to mind when you think of the benefits of yoga? How do you define this spiritual practice? As a yoga instructor, I often describe yoga as an inward pursuit of aligning the body, mind and spirit – connecting with your inner being and surrendering to the moment. I also note the health and […]

It is with good reason that this new craze is hitting the industry by storm. Many practicing yogi’s feel that finding the balance between one’s physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, a connection to one’s inner self, is amplified while practising yoga as nature intended…. In your birthday suit. Unless you have been living under a […]

Yoga videos on Youtube. Whatever aspect of yoga you’re searching inspiration for, YouTube is a great resource to turn to. Its content is free and accessible from anywhere. From complete classes, to tips on how to perform a specific asana, to guided meditations, to insights into the yogic philosophy, or playlist to go along your […]

Wrist pain and injury is common among yogis. The wrists are weight-bearing in many yoga poses, such as plank and crow pose, which can cause injuries if your wrists are weak or tight. Our wrists go through a great deal of repetitive motions in yoga and in daily life, which means that taking proper care […]

The splits. Otherwise known as the arch-nemesis of those of us who are quite tall, are not naturally very bendy, or simply find the splits to be very intimidating. This pose requires pretty intense flexibility pretty much everywhere in your body, particularly in your hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, and lower back. So, in honor of the […]

With all the fun new ways to practice yoga outside, there is even more reason to keep up with your yoga practice this summer season. Whether you attend a yoga festival, practice with friends in the park or try your first SUP Yoga class, practicing yoga outside switches up your routine and inspires you to […]