Inversions are some of the most sought after poses in the yoga practice. But, for many of us, they are also the most frustrating. Oftentimes our own fear of going upside down overshadows other essential elements of what it takes to balance. Did you know that strong core muscles are essential for balancing in inversions? […]

One of the many strong, beautiful postures of an intermediate yoga practice is Half Moon Pose, or Ardha Chandrasana in Sanskrit. A balancing act and strengthening combo, Half Moon Pose is a powerful peak pose for classes and can make you feel like queen of the divine feminine energy over which the moon rules. This […]

This 30-minute beginner yoga flow is a slow and steady breakdown of beginner poses and feel-good stretches to ease you into the practice. This beginner yoga class is perfect for those new to yoga and also a great refresher for any level practitioner. Work with props and learn a breakdown of basic poses so you […]

For most of us, our yoga practice usually takes place indoors, either at our favorite studio or practicing with an inspiring online yoga class at home. But what about doing outdoor yoga? How many of us have ever unrolled our mats outside? Asana-ing under the unobstructed big, blue sky opens up a whole other world […]

Whether you get your sweat on at the gym, yoga studio, outdoors, or even at home, getting your body up and moving is essential for optimal health and wellness. Yoga is most popularly known for its calming, meditative benefits, but did you know it can also be used to increase endurance, strength, and cardiovascular health? […]

Although the body has a complete set of systems to keep it healthy and clean internally, modern lifestyles and feeding habits have become extremely taxing on the digestive, circulatory and lymphatic systems. The results of this is an overwhelmed detoxification arsenal leading to chronic fatigue, stress and a host of medical conditions. It is no […]

Yoga poses that improve your memory. Paschimottanasana image credit: satyaliveyoga.com.au Paschimottanasana Is known by super brain yoga, this type of yoga position is for increasing memory power. There are many benefits to this yoga position. E.g., helps stretch the spine, helps with the internal organs, therefore, it relieves digestive, constipation problems and the nervous system. […]

Yoga poses build off one another to prepare the mind and body for advanced postures. Some add strength, others add stretch, and a few may just help prepare the mind. One-Legged Wheel pose, or eka pada urdhva dhanurasana, is a literal extension of urdhva dhanurasana (also called Wheel pose). This advanced backbend builds on Wheel […]