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Online yoga classes are everywhere these days. Just Google “online yoga” and you’ll see what we mean. But don’t trust that the top Google results are actually the best options for your online needs. Those are typically just the brands paying the most to show up first on the list. There are plenty of options […]

What comes to mind when you think of the benefits of yoga? How do you define this spiritual practice? As a yoga instructor, I often describe yoga as an inward pursuit of aligning the body, mind and spirit – connecting with your inner being and surrendering to the moment. I also note the health and […]

Yup, feeling sore after your yoga class is normal! Soreness is a natural part of the process of muscle recovery. It might happen following your flows if your muscles have been taxed, and is a sign that your muscles are trying to repair and rebuild. Although it’s a natural process, it’s important to be in […]

The splits. Otherwise known as the arch-nemesis of those of us who are quite tall, are not naturally very bendy, or simply find the splits to be very intimidating. This pose requires pretty intense flexibility pretty much everywhere in your body, particularly in your hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, and lower back. So, in honor of the […]

Last year dozens of yoga teachers signed up for The Art of Teaching Yoga, YJ’s new three-day mentorship program. Through semi-private sessions with master mentors Coral Brown, Alexandria Crow, and Giselle Mari, yoga teachers developed their skills and learned to be stronger, wiser leaders in the classroom. We followed up with two RYTs, Laura Currier […]