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How to Slow Down to the Speed of Life

As I sit here writing to you, I am resting my healing foot on a hot water bottle and I am sipping on my Chinese herbs that are helping my bones and ligaments heal. I feel blessed to have the loving support of the NYM community that has allowed me to take it easy over the past couple weeks. But I’m only just beginning to accept the yoga lesson this injury has brought me:

Please slow down &
listen to your body!

As we age, it is even more important that we tune into what the physical body needs day to day. Yoga helps us build a fluid, mindfulness connection to the ever-changing needs of the body. And when we experience an injury or a sudden change in our physical abilities, those basic building blocks of our practice can be hard to access at first. I know because my left foot has been reminding me of how crucial my yoga practice is in my healing journey. Here are a few resources that I have discovered that are helping me as I limp along the way.
My hope is they might help you as well.

Yoga for Healthy Aging Blog

Yogic Wisdom for the Third Stage of Life

An Empowering Song by Dar Williams

Top Seven Things Not to Do

Wisdom from the Elderly

Louise Hay’s website

As I often quote Mae West saying “I didn’t say it would be easy, I just said it will be worth it!”, I vow to slow down, let my body heal and meditate on to taking even better care of my aging body . I intend on showing up for Sunday 6pm practice and sharing with you a modified yoga practice and hope you will continue your practice, too!

Here’s to age-appropriate healing and overall well-being!

Love and peace,


Source:: How to Slow Down to the Speed of Life

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