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Get Your Asana Outside! 4 Reasons Why You Should Practice Outdoor Yoga


For most of us, our yoga practice usually takes place indoors, either at our favorite studio or practicing with an inspiring online yoga class at home. But what about doing outdoor yoga?

How many of us have ever unrolled our mats outside? Asana-ing under the unobstructed big, blue sky opens up a whole other world to yoga. It makes everything feel different; each pose more heightened, fresh, and so much more alive.

Of course, during our first forays into outdoor practice – be it at a city park, a mountain top, or beach side – poses that are “second nature” to us could prove to be a new challenge because of the altered environment. But, as we know happens with all things yoga, patience brings change.

As we know happens with all things yoga, patience brings change.

Little by little, our bodies and senses will get used to our surroundings. Our shadows will cease to startle us (a funny but true victory!), we’ll find that having the sun in our eyes will be a pleasure, and gentle, cooling breezes will always be welcomed.

In fact, we’ll find that we love practicing outdoor yoga and even shout it from the rooftops (coincidentally, the roof is a great practice spot) and encourage others to give it a go as well.

Still not convinced to take your mat outside?

Here Are 4 Hard-to-Argue Reasons Why You Should Try Outdoor Yoga:

1. Natural Mood Boost

Being outside in nature nourishes the soul. In fact, it’s been proven that being outside improves our mood in part thanks to the abundance of natural sunlight which amplifies our bodies’ production of Vitamin D.

2. The Power of Fresh Air

Take extra deep breaths while you flow! The benefits of fresh air are vast!

It enhances your body’s production of healthier white blood cells which, in turn, boosts your immune system. Fresh air encourages us to breathe deeply and that extra oxygen helps our brains function better and clearer.


3. “Mindful Multitasking”

That’s right – think of it as “mindful multitasking!”

Because practicing outdoor yoga can be combined with other forms of exercise such as walking or jogging for a double power hit of feel good endorphins. Just take a lightweight mat along with you or find a grassy spot to practice your Sun Salutations.

Need help saluting the sun? Learn Surya Namaskar A and B: Sun Salutation Flow Photo Tutorial

4. Get Back to Your Roots

As human beings, we’re meant to be outside. Practicing outdoor yoga connects us to yoga’s roots since the first practitioners (thousands of years ago!) knew that their relationship with nature was an essential part of yoga. This is even a fact proven by the names of the poses themselves.

Extra yogi points if a passing pooch decides to Down Dog with us! ?

Outdoor Yoga – What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Asana Outside!

Practicing yoga surrounded by nature is a great way to connect us to our immediate environment and can be combined with other forms of exercise. It also provides our bodies with extra health benefits that our indoor practice could be lacking.

Not only that, but outdoor yoga is the surest path to realign our practice to the essence of yoga, which is the connection of our souls to our bodies and of our bodies to nature.

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