Interested in dipping your toes into the Ashtanga Yoga practice? This video is a great place to start! Join YogiApproved teacher Lara Ederer in this 22-minute Ashtanga Standing Series-based practice. Lara guides you through a short and sweet beginner Ashtanga Standing Series focusing on the essential components of the standing practice. This approachable class is […]

For most of us, our yoga practice usually takes place indoors, either at our favorite studio or practicing with an inspiring online yoga class at home. But what about doing outdoor yoga? How many of us have ever unrolled our mats outside? Asana-ing under the unobstructed big, blue sky opens up a whole other world […]

The ancient language of Sanskrit dates back to 2nd century BCE, India. Sanskrit was considered the language of the Gods. It was the philosophical language of Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism. Sanskrit was used in ancient poetry, drama, and religious/philosophy texts. So – how is Sanskrit connected to yoga? During the era that yoga was developing […]

The word “Yin” comes from the ancient Chinese principles of Yin and Yang which are defined as two sides, opposing and complimenting each other. In the earliest usage of the words Yin and Yang, they were not as philosophical as they are today. At first, Yin and Yang were terms created by peasants in Ancient […]

It is with good reason that this new craze is hitting the industry by storm. Many practicing yogi’s feel that finding the balance between one’s physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, a connection to one’s inner self, is amplified while practising yoga as nature intended…. In your birthday suit. Unless you have been living under a […]

This is definitely not your mom’s yoga. Two new classes, Rage Yoga in Calgary, Alberta, and Doom Metal Yoga in Portland, Oregon, are breaking the yoga mold, featuring heavy metal, cursing, and yes, beer. “A lot of people love conventional yoga, which is great, but it doesn’t work for everybody,” says Rage Yoga founder Lindsay […]

Think you don’t have time for yoga during the holidays—much less 3-minute pose holds? Yoga Medicine teacher Shannon Stephens makes a case for why yin yoga may be the best practice for your busiest times. As a full-time yoga instructor with a demanding schedule that has me running between classes and private sessions most of […]