Inversions are some of the most sought after poses in the yoga practice. But, for many of us, they are also the most frustrating. Oftentimes our own fear of going upside down overshadows other essential elements of what it takes to balance. Did you know that strong core muscles are essential for balancing in inversions? […]

One of the many strong, beautiful postures of an intermediate yoga practice is Half Moon Pose, or Ardha Chandrasana in Sanskrit. A balancing act and strengthening combo, Half Moon Pose is a powerful peak pose for classes and can make you feel like queen of the divine feminine energy over which the moon rules. This […]

Interested in dipping your toes into the Ashtanga Yoga practice? This video is a great place to start! Join YogiApproved teacher Lara Ederer in this 22-minute Ashtanga Standing Series-based practice. Lara guides you through a short and sweet beginner Ashtanga Standing Series focusing on the essential components of the standing practice. This approachable class is […]

This 30-minute beginner yoga flow is a slow and steady breakdown of beginner poses and feel-good stretches to ease you into the practice. This beginner yoga class is perfect for those new to yoga and also a great refresher for any level practitioner. Work with props and learn a breakdown of basic poses so you […]

Curious about using breathwork to better your mental health? So were we. To learn more, we teamed up with Salinex and breathwork teacher Erin Ward about the power of this transformational exercise. Read on for some of Erin’s insider tips and exercises. Breathing might be the most underrated form of medicine. It’s accessible, completely free, […]

For most of us, our yoga practice usually takes place indoors, either at our favorite studio or practicing with an inspiring online yoga class at home. But what about doing outdoor yoga? How many of us have ever unrolled our mats outside? Asana-ing under the unobstructed big, blue sky opens up a whole other world […]

Though often surrounded by students or other people—just as any non-traditional job that requires you to go it alone—teaching yoga full-time can be a lonely experience. This isolation can be particularly hard-hitting for yoga teachers, as it can be tough (OK, nearly impossible) to make a living solely teaching group classes in studios. Most yoga […]

Staying focused with a quiet mind during a yoga class can, at times, feel more challenging than the postures themselves! Not only is it easy to get lost reviewing your to-do list or wondering if you put enough money in the parking meter, but the brain often likes to throw in some screams to immediately […]