There are a lot of ways to define wellness. Renowned yoga teacher Elena Brower defines it as “your ability to respond rather than to react;” Dr. Mark Hyman says it’s the integrated care of every aspect of ourselves: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational. Wellness activist Kerri Kelly believes that “wellness is the culture of […]

Want even more opportunities for adventure wellness? Tickets for Wanderlust O’ahu are on sale now. If your version of a good day begins with a surf sesh alongside a Hawaiian sunrise and ends with a Yin and Reiki class led by an herbal healer, you’re part of what we call Adventure Wellness.” Adventure wellness enthusiasts […]

Bali is dubbed the “Island of the Gods,” and for good reason. This wanderlust worthy paradise island at the heart of Indonesia in Southeast Asia boasts a plethora of healing practices, gorgeous views, ancient rituals and plenty of spirituality. Each year, millions of tourists flock to Bali from around the world in search of healing, […]