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One of the many strong, beautiful postures of an intermediate yoga practice is Half Moon Pose, or Ardha Chandrasana in Sanskrit. A balancing act and strengthening combo, Half Moon Pose is a powerful peak pose for classes and can make you feel like queen of the divine feminine energy over which the moon rules. This […]

It seems like only yesterday you were basking under a hot summer sun after jumping in a lake on the countryside. Or sipping a mocktail at the newest hotspot downtown on a warm August night. Time slowed down. You felt relaxed. Now, here you are. The temperature has dropped several degrees. Your bikini is stored […]

Interested in dipping your toes into the Ashtanga Yoga practice? This video is a great place to start! Join YogiApproved teacher Lara Ederer in this 22-minute Ashtanga Standing Series-based practice. Lara guides you through a short and sweet beginner Ashtanga Standing Series focusing on the essential components of the standing practice. This approachable class is […]

Winter is coming. When the nights start getting longer and the hours of sunlight significantly shorter, many people may experience what we not-so-affectionately call the “winter blues.” Yet for some, a case of the “winter blues” is a debilitating condition that psychologists know as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. The acronym is particularly fitting, as […]