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As yogis, we know there a few defining poses in yoga . . . those classic poses that we’re bound to do at least once in any given yoga sequence. Downward Dog and Plank Pose are two of those poses! Let’s talk about how to practice them safely and with proper alignment. A lot of […]

The ancient language of Sanskrit dates back to 2nd century BCE, India. Sanskrit was considered the language of the Gods. It was the philosophical language of Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism. Sanskrit was used in ancient poetry, drama, and religious/philosophy texts. So – how is Sanskrit connected to yoga? During the era that yoga was developing […]

Never miss a FREE class. SUBSCRIBE HERE There are so many yoga mat brands on the market. With all that variety, it can be overwhelming to research which is the best yoga mat for you. As a yogi, you’ve got specific needs and wants in a yoga mat. You want the best yoga mat for […]