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In the same way you sneak nutrient-rich peas into your mac ‘n’ cheese, you can deepen the meaning of any asana with yoga philosophy. Watch Aadil Palkhivala share simple, concrete ways to bring the yamas and niyamas, two powerful ingredients, onto your mat. Most yoga students discover asana before they are even aware that postures […]

Nothing beats a steaming cup of hot cocoa for warming up on a cold winter day. Yet if your go-to recipe is essentially milk and sugar, it’s time to upgrade, says Joy Dubost, PhD, RD, a registered dietitian and food scientist. “If prepared properly, hot cocoa can be filled with antioxidants and nutrients, including fiber […]

No time to meditate? Dr. Tiffany Lester of Parsley Health offers peace-producing solution you can practice wherever you are—no meditation cushion or timer needed. One day on my usual subway commute to work I noticed this older Indian woman. She stood out among the rush hour throng of people because she had the most peaceful, […]